Tips of Preparing your Home for Severe Cold Weather

By: Kraig Schwartz

Tips of Preparing your Home for Severe Cold Weather

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Canada has the coldest, longest-lasting winters, with snowfalls followed with moments of freezing and melting. This can inflict considerable damage on homes.
Here are some tips and steps you can take to weather proof your home from the extended severe weather.

  Remove snow and ice from your home's entrances and sidewalks.

Keep an eye out for ice dams close to gutter downspouts. Maintain clean gutters to allow melting snow and ice to flow freely. Ice dams can cause water to build up and seep into your house.

Keep the house heated to a minimum of 65 degrees. It is significantly colder within the walls where the pipes are than it is outside the walls. A temperature lower than 65 degrees will not keep the inside walls from freezing.

Find the location of your home's main water shutoff. Learn how it operates so you can utilise it if necessary.

Open the hot and cold faucets just enough to start a steady leak. The pipes won't freeze if the water is kept circulating.

Check that all hoses are disconnected from outdoor spigots if you haven't already.

If ice forms on tree limbs, watch for dead, damaged or dangerous branches that could break and fall because of ice, snow or wind and damage your house.

Watch your fireplaces, wood stoves, and electric heaters carefully to ensure they are operating properly.

Keep your fireplace flue closed when you’re not using it.

Surviving winter around your home is much like surviving anything else. It takes a little planning and a little preparation. Hopefully, the tips were able to provide you with helpful information and you can actually enjoy this colder time of the year.